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LS1 LBOC Meetings 2013

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Topics presented

Presence sheet
2 July 2013
  • Re-commissioning organization and post-LS1 configuration  (J. Wenninger)
30 July 2013
  • Controls changes for the LHC and LSA during LS1  (G. Kruk)
  • A first look at the pre-squeeze in IR2 and IR8  (A. Gorzawski)
17 September 2013
  • RF contact non-conformities in LHC interconnects: Impedance aspects (B. Salvant)
  • Analyss of some aperture-related non-conformities (M. Giovannozzi)
  • Beta* reach with relaxed collimator settings (R. Bruce)
24 September 2013
  • Update on LHC experiments requests for 2015 (B. Gorini)
  • FIDEL model for 7 TeV operation (N. Aquilina)
8 October 2013
  • Maximum heat load expected in the arcs/SAM/triplets during scrubbing/operation (G. Rumolo)
  • Maximum heat load acceptable by cryogenics in 2015 (S. Claudet)
22 October 2013
  • Status of quench test analyses (M. Sapinski)
  • Study on off-momentum tail scraping in the LHC (D. Mirarchi)
5 November 2013
  • Special e-cloud bunch spacing: injectors (H. Bartosik)
  • Special e-cloud bunch spacing: BI compatibility (T. Lefevre)
26 November 2013
  • Special e-cloud bunch spacing: ADT (G. Kotzian)
  • Special e-cloud bunch spacing: RF (P. Baudrenghien)
  • Plans for LBDS reliability and dry runs (J. Uythoven)
  • vdM beam production in the injectors (H. Bartosik)
3 Dicember 2013
  • RF simulations for e-cloud bunchlet beams (E. Shaposhnikova)
  • Status and plans for vdM scans (W. Kozanecki)
  • Beam distribution measurements with LHCb VELO (C. Barschel)