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LBOC Meetings 2016

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Topics presented

Presence sheet
2 February 2016
  • Luminosity, beam loss, and emittance growth in 2015 pp running (M. Lamont)
  • Beam lifetime in 2015 pp running (B. Salvachua)
  • Overview of the configuration for 2016 (J. Wenninger)
  • Chromaticity and B3 persistent current in the Fidel Model (E. Todesco)
23 February 2016
  • Possible changes in precycle strategy (M. Solfaroli)
8 March 2016
  • Schedule and status (J. Wenninger)
  • Squeeze to 40 cm with phase constraints (R. De Maria)
  • First look at LHC cycle (J. Wenninger)
22 March 2016
  • Update on IT movement in IR8 (J. Wenninger)
  • Update on b3 hysterisis compensation (E. Todesco)
  • Linear coupling and LHC beam stability (L. Carver)
  • Stability margins (N. Biancacci)
  • Update on BPM calibration (A. Sounas)
05 April 2016
  • 2016 optics measurements and corrections (T. Persson)
  • Reference orbit and k-modulation (J. Wenninger)
26 April 2016
  • Results of pre-cycle test to 3.5 TeV (M. Solfaroli Camillocci)
  • Coupling along the cycle with the BBQ (R. Jones, J. Wenninger)
03 May 2016
  • New reference orbit system for orbit feedback (A. Calia, J. Wenninger)
  • Tune footprint viewer (X. Buffat)
  • Fixed displays for heat load from impedance and synchrotron radiation (X. Buffat)
24 May 2016
  • Coupling measurement and correction with multi-turn data (T. Persson)
  • ADT operation. A cook book of black magic (D. Valuch)
7 June 2016
  • Instability observations in stable beams (X. Buffat)
  • IT movements, ATLAS luminosity and orbit (J. Wenninger)
21 June 2016
  • Requirements/request on bunch length control by LHCb (P. Robbe)
  • TCSG impedance: measurements vs. predictions (N. Biancacci)
  • Lifetime during the squeeze (J. Wenninger)
16 August 2016
  • Further observations with the ADTObsBox (L. Carver)
  • BBLR studies and possible reduction of the crossing angle: simulations (D. Pellegrini)
  • BBLR studies and possible reduction of the crossing angle: machine results (T. Pieloni)
  • Coherent stability with a reduced crossing angle (X. Buffat, C. Tambasco)
23 August 2016
  • BLM loss plane decomposition and off-momentum feedback in FESA (M.Wyszynski)
  • Update on Landau octupoles settings at injection (K.Li)
6 September 2016
  • New beam excitation possibilities with ADT (D. Valuch)
  • First OP experience with longitudinal flattening in physics (H. Timko)
  • Tune shift along the batches at injection and estimate of the electron cloud density (L. Carver)
  • Implementation of crossing angle reduction (J. Wenninger)
20 September 2016
  • Diamond BLM status and future (F. Burkart)
  • Ion ramps and squeezes (J. Wenninger)
27 September 2016
  • LHC availability until TS2 (A. Apollonio)
  • Emittance comparison of BSRT, emittance scans and LHCb VELO (M. Hostettler)
  • Emittance preservation observation and first comparison against models (G. Iadarola)
18 October 2016
  • Triplet alignment with beam (J. Wenninger)
  • News on stability margins from MD4 (L. Carver)
  • Beam losses during ADJUST (B. Salvachua)
1 November 2016
  • Crossing and beta* levelling options (J. Wenninger)
  • LHC Luminosity Server - status and (levelling) plans (M. Hostettler)
  • Results from separation levelling and stability tests (X. Buffat)