LBOC Meetings 2017

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Date / Indico Link Topics presented Material
7 February 2017
  • Luminous region analysis (M. Lamont)
  • Status and plans for the BGV (S. Vlachos)
7 March 2017
  • LHC schedule, start-up and possible performance reach in 2017 (J. Wenninger)
  • Online coupling measurement: method and experience (T. Persson)
  • Online coupling measurement: plans, progress and collaboration (G.-H. Hemelsoet)
21 March 2017
  • Strategy for the 2017 scrubbing run (G. Iadarola)
  • Implentation of separation and crossing angle levelling (D. Jacquet)
28 March 2017
  • ATS optics for 2017 (S. Fartoukh)
  • Collimation Settings & Parameters (S. Redaelli)
  • Optics Measurement & Correction in 2017 (E. H. Maclean)
  • Feedback from the Experiments on Crossing Angle Anti-Levelling (J. Wenninger)
11 April 2017
  • Longitudinal diagnostic tools in 2017 (H. Timko)
  • Full-detuning strategy in 2017 (P. Baudrenghien)
25 April 2017
  • Beam commissioning plans (J. Wenninger)
  • Changes to the LHC during EYETS (E. Metral)
  • BI Changes (J. Wenninger)
9 May 2017
  • Corrections with/without Q6 at 40cm and chromatic coupling (T. Persson)
  • First benefits from IR non-linear corrections (E. Maclean)
6 June 2017
  • Update on the Wire Scanner status (F. Roncarolo)
  • Status of crossing angle anti-levelline (M. Hostettler)
  • Instabbility observations and brightness dependence (X. Buffat)
  • Results of the phase advances at 40 cm (A. Garcia-Tabares Valdivieso)
  • Issue with the OFB response matrix changes (J. Wenninger)
13 June 2017
  • ADT ObsBox Data Acquisition (M. Soderen)
  • E-Cloud / Scrubbing Run Review (L. Mether)
  • SPS Electron Cloud Instability Before Extraction (H. Bartosik)
  • Preliminary studies on losses in cell 16L2 (D. Mirarchi)
20 June 2017
  • Status and usage of the online instability detection tool (D. Valuch)
  • Destabilising effect of the (resistive) transverse damper (E. Metral)
27 June 2017
  • Update on Crossing Angle Anti-Levelling (M. Hostettler)
  • Beam lifetimes in collsion (N. Karastathis)
  • Loss observations during recent dumps - UFOs? (A. Lechner)
  • 16L2 losses: Cryo observations (B. Bradu)
  • Stability with reduced Octupoles and Chromaticity (X. Buffat)
11 July 2017
  • Statement from TE-VSC with respect to investigations during TS1 (P. Chiggiato)
  • Possible mechanism for a fast ion instability in the LHC in the presence of a pressure bump (L. Mether)
  • Heat load due to losses at 16L2 (A. Lechner)
  • Observations on emittance growth at injection (N. Karastathis)
  • Update on coherent effects at injection and during the ramp (X. Buffat)
25 July 2017
  • Observations of coherent motion during dumps with losses at 16L2 (D. Amorim)
  • Dimond BLM observations (A. Gorawski)
  • Vacuum observations at 16L2 (C. Yen Valgren)
  • Input from Machine Protection / UFO / Post Mortem analysis (R. Schmidt)
15 August 2017
  • The experiments view on a reduction of beta (J. Boyd)
  • Luminosity estimations with reduced beta (D. Pellegrini)
  • Operational aspects of a reduction of beta* and beta* levelling (J. Wenninger)
  • 30cm optics readiness (T. Persson)
  • Modification of the collimator settings and re-validation for the 30cm optics (S. Redaelli)
  • Intensity ramp up strategy with reduced beta* (D. Wollmann)
  • Observations of coherent motion during dumps with losses at 16L2 (D. Amorim)
22 August 2017
  • Transverse coherent activity at injection (L. Carver)
  • Diagnostics with the longitudinal ObsBox (Y. Brischetto)
29 August 2017
  • Analysis of heat loads on the LHC arc beam-screens (G. Iadarola)
26 September 2017
  • Non-Conformities of the Exchanged Dipole from Sector 1-2 (M. Pojer)
  • Impact of earthquakes on the LHC (M. Schaumann)
3 October 2017
  • Update on BLM lifetimes (B. Salvachua)
  • Recommendations for levelling steps (N. Karastathis)
10 October 2017
  • Probing the 16L2 instability by an equivalent resonator model (N. Biancacci)
  • Can space charge stabilise head-tail instabilities at injection in the LHC ? - A status update (A. Oeftiger)
  • Update on BSRT measurement (E. Bravin)
17 October 2017
  • Specifications for the single bunches test (A. Oh)
  • Summary of transverse instabilities in 2017 (X. Buffat)
  • Amplitude detuning measurements over the cycle (E. Maclean)
24 October 2017
  • Update on the BSRT (G. Trad)
  • Analysis of triplet mouvements (J. Wenninger)
  • 2.51 TeV ramp configuration (M. Solfaroli)