LBOC Meetings 2020

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Date / Indico Link Topics presented Material
4 February 2020
  • Update of the 2021 schedule (B. Peterson)
  • Injector restart and ramp up plan (H. Bartosik)
  • OP-OMC workshop summary (T. Persson)
25 February 2020
  • Injection system checkout and beam commissioning (C. Bracco)
  • Injector restart and ramp up plan (H. Bartosik)
  • LBDS checkout and beam commissioning (V. Senaj)
10 March 2020
  • Optics for Run 3 and LHCb crossing angle rotation (S. Fartoukh)
  • RF system re-commissioning (K. Turaj)
  • ADT re-commissioning (D. Valuch)
7 April 2020
  • Pytimber with NXCALS (R. De Maria)
  • Preliminary experience with NXCALS and luminosity data analysis in ABP (G. Sterbini)
  • Converting Op JAVA applications to NXCALS (J. Wenninger)
5 May 2020
  • Magnetic measurements of new 11T dipoles (L. Fiscarelli)
  • Expected impact of 11T dipole on beam operation and possible implementation (M. Solfaroli)
  • 11T: Expected impact of flux jumps at the start of Run3 and beyond (D. Gamba)
19 May 2020
  • The collimation system in Run 3 (D. Mirarchi)
  • LHC interlocks in Run 3 (I. Ramirez)
26 May 2020
  • LHC beam emittance measurements in Run 3 (E. Bravin)
  • Renovation of LHC beam-based FBs during LS2 (D. Alves)
  • Java API and testing of the renovated LHC beam-based FBs (A. Calia)
7 July 2020
  • LHC schedule update (J. Wenninger)
  • Optics repository structure (M.Hostettler)